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Signal Generator GAM 150 N ver S

Generator GAM 150Generator GAM 150
Generator GAM 150 N ver S schemat
Manipulator Generator GAM 150 N ver S
Catalog number 02.157(12V) lub 02.257(24V)
175x189x59 mm


Signal generators of the GAM150 N ver S series are high quality devices generating warning sounds in special and privileged vehicles.

The GAM150 N ver S series is optimized for use in emergency vehicles of the Police and Ambulance.

A characteristic feature of this model is blocking of sound signals until a magnetic lamp is connected to the D channel, which is most often placed on the roof of the vehicle. Only when it is turned on will the 1, 2, 3 keys be illuminated and it will be possible to enable the privilege sounds.
This is due to special regulations regarding these vehicles.

Basic features of GAM150 N ver S:

- Dedicated to 12V or 24V car installations,

- Low power consumption in standby (approx. 30mA),

- 100W active output power,

- Five relay outputs (Channels A, B, C, D, E),

- Horn signal control (option on the + battery side or vehicle weight),

- Two universal inputs, controlled by the vehicle mass signal available for user,

- Six standard signaling tones: WAIL, YELP, HI-LO, and others plus HORN

- The dimensions of the amplifier 176x155x59 mm, the dimensions of the manipulator 49x109x25 mm,

- Manipulator cable length: 4.5m (2.5m standard),

- Work with speakers with a rated impedance of 11 ohm

- Compliance with UNECE regulations R10


Interesting usable functions of GAM150 N ver S:

- Blocking of sound signals until a magnetic lamp is connected to the output of generator

- The ability to turn off the keypad backlight,

- Possibility of working with half of the usable power (so-called night mode),

- Possibility to choose the method of controlling the D channel (bistable, astable),

- Possibility to choose the scenario (three types) of control via the vehicle horn.

We produced models:

GAM150 N v E 12V / 100W, for 12V installations / Index number: 02.151

GAM150 N v E 24V / 100W, for 24V installations / Index number: 02.251


Our offer includes beacons, signal generators, loudspeakers and beacons and other products for emergency vehicles and road applications.

Certified quality

certyfikatGAMET Company, based on nearly twenty years of experience, can be proud of its knowledge of issues related to the provisions on equipping priority vehicles with warning lamps and signal generators. The culmination of our many years of efforts and confirmation of the highest level of products and services offered is the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certificate. The products offered by our company meet the requirements of UNECE regulations (regarding the equipment of special and privileged vehicles R-10 and R-65). This gives you confidence that your offer will not be rejected due to the lack of required approvals for warning signaling.

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